In connection with the postponement of the planned defenses of master’s theses to the months of August to September caused by the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus pandemic, we encourage all candidates who are affected by the above-mentioned situation to complete the “Declaration for a candidate for Doctoral School 2020/2021“.  This will enable participation in the recruitment procedure despite the fact that the defenses of master’s theses has been postponed.

If the candidate register in the system by July 31, 2020 and submits all the required documents referred in § 4 item 1 lit. b-f Admission rules to Doctoral School with the exception of a diploma or a certificate of graduation (item 1 lit.b, 1-3), but will provide a list of grades from the course of education (item 1 lit. b, 4), the documents will be treated as complete and will be assessed by the Competition Commission.
This procedure is in accordance with § 2 of the Admission rules to Doctoral School:
1.    In order to be admitted to the doctoral school, the candidate is required to possess:
a) the professional title of M.A., M.Sc. or an equivalent degree
b) the highest quality of scientific achievements and to be a graduate of 1st cycle studies or a student who completed the third year of uniform studies or
c ) a diploma  confirming  graduating  from  a  University  abroad  that  entitles  its  holder  to  undertake doctoral studies in the country of issue.
2.    A person without the qualifications described in section 1 may take part in the competition proceedings, however, they must obtain them and confirm it with an appropriate document before being admitted to the doctoral school.

The declaration should be uploaded to the recruitment system in place of the diploma. Instead of a supplement, a list of grades must be attached.

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