The Center of Languages ​​and Communication of the Poznan University of Technology has prepared an offer for PhD students to obtain a certificate confirming knowledge of a foreign language and allows them to take the certified ACERT exam.

The ACERT Academic Certificate certifies the knowledge of a foreign language and is issued by the Center for Languages ​​and Communication belonging to SERMO (Association of Academic Centers for Teaching Foreign Languages). The evaluation criteria and curriculum content take into account European requirements.

Upcoming exam sessions scheduled:

  • 20th November 2020 (applications until 13th November 2020)
  • 04th December 2020 (applications until 27th November 2020)
  • 08th January 2021 (applications until 30th December 2020)
  • 12th February 2021 (applications until 05th February 2021)

Sending the application (Table 2, downloadable in accordance with the deadlines provided to the address is equivalent to registering for the exam.

Application for the exam ACERT

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