Before submitting the required documents, the doctoral student is obliged to complete:

  • an individual training program, i.e. obtain a pass in all subjects included in the doctoral training program (grades must be entered into the USOS system), 
  • a mandatory intern.ship and required professional practical trainings.


Required documents:

  • doctoral dissertation in paper (in paperback) and electronic form (.pdf file sent to or link to the cloud where the dissertation file is located),
  • if the planned title of the doctoral dissertation has been modified  - a revised individual research plan with justification for the changes, signed by the doctoral student, supervisor(s), approved by the auxiliary supervisor (if applicable) and accepted by the appropriated coordinator within the discipline,
  • positive opinion of the supervisor or supervisors,
  • annual report,
  • annual report for the Ministry (for participants in "Doktorat Wdrożeniowy"),
  • application for education completion certificate (application template is available in the DOCUMENTS TO DOWNLOAD tab,
  • doctoral ID card.


Questionnaire of Doctoral School Graduate - we kindly invite you to complete the Questionnaire of Poznan University of Technology Doctoral School Graduate:

key: put-j4s-584


The procedure for awarding a doctoral degree at Poznan University of Technology is carried out at the appropriated Faculty.