Individual Research Plan

Individual Research Plan

Individual Research Plan for doctoral students from Doktorat Wdrożeniowy programme

A doctoral student, in consultation with the supervisor or supervisors, shall draw up an individual research plan, submit this document to the Director and administration of Doctoral School in paper and electronic forms within 12 months of the date of the commencement of education.

The implementation of the individual research plan shall be subject to:

  • ongoing supervision of a supervisor or supervisors or supervisor and auxiliary supervisor,
  • mid-term evaluation.

The individual research plan of doctoral student specifies in particular:

  • a schedule for the preparation of the doctoral dissertation and planned date of its submission,
  • a plan to obtain minimal required achievements as stated in § 3 sec. 3 point 4 herein.

The individual research plan of a doctoral student may include:

  • preparing and submitting a grant application to a national or foreign agency financing scientific activity or research and development through a competition,
  • completion of at least 2-month-long scientific internship in a domestic or foreign unit,
  • at least 2-week-long study visit to a domestic or foreign unit,
  • method of dissemination of research outcomes,
  • plan of participation in scientific conferences on national or international level,
  • contribution in co-organizing scientific conferences on national and international level.