Series of lectures 4 - 2021/2022

Academic year 2023/2024 - summer semester (year 3, semestr 6)

Series of lectures 4

Discipline Elective lectures Lecturers
architecture and urban planning Guide to a successful PhD thesis PhD, Associate Professor
Emanuele Naboni
automation, electronic and electrical engineering Three dimensional electromagnetic field calculation in electrical machines prof. dr hab. inż. Andrzej Demenko/
dr hab. inż. Rafał Wojciechowski, prof. PUT
information and communication technology Machine learning methods in natural language  processing dr hab. inż.
Mikołaj Morzy, prof. PUT
civil engineering and transport Structural mechanics in historic architecture

prof. dr hab. inż.
Przemysław Litewka

materials engineering Molecular electronics prof. dr hab.
Tomasz Martyński
mechanical engineering Taylor-Couetta flows in science and technology prof. dr hab. inż.
Ewa Tuliszka-Sznitko
environmental engineering, mining and energy Alternative fuels on the decarbonization road dr hab. inż.
Rafał Ślefarski, prof. PUT
chemical sciences Plastics and environmental protection dr hab. inż.
Dominik Paukszta
management and quality studies Agile Systems and Opportunities Recognition prof. dr hab. inż.
Stefan Trzcieliński