STER - Współpraca międzynarodowa / International cooperation
STER - Współpraca międzynarodowa / International cooperation

Task 8. International cooperation of doctoral schools


Activities under the task will lead to the development of international cooperation of doctoral schools. The main goal to be met will be establishing long-term international cooperation between PUT Doctoral School with other doctoral schools, including creation of a network of doctoral schools offering both joint diploma programs and a platform with selected courses proposed by HEIs, available to all doctoral students of doctoral schools operating within this networks. These activities will allow for the offering of joint, international education programs and inviting lecturers and supervisors from abroad to partake in education of PUT PhD students and the internationalization of their doctoral projects.

Planned activities include: establishing mutual contacts, identifying areas of possible cooperation, determining directions of joint activities, presenting education offer (including PUT Doctoral School), exchanging experiences and developing best practices, establishing the principles of cooperation in the field of international education and joint diploma programs. The above mentioned activities will be carried out during real and on-line meetings, workshops, formal and informal meetings between representatives of doctoral schools.

As part of this project, we plan to create an international network of cooperating doctoral schools, covering 3 continents, based on the experience and contacts with HEIs from EUNICE (European University, 7HEIs), University of Technology Sydney (Australia) and Florida International University (USA). Using the potential of the aforementioned research units, mutual cooperation of research teams, diverse experiences and the manner of implementing doctoral projects, optimal conditions for cooperation in the field of education and involvement of foreign staff, joint diplomas and dissemination of good practices are expected to be developed.


Visit of prof. L. Sanchez Ruiz at the Doctoral School

Visit of Pasqua Meccariello at the Doctoral School