Wykłady obieralne - Blok 4 - 2019/2020

Academic year 2021/2022 - summer semester (year 3, semestr 6)

Series of lectures 4

Discipline Elective lectures Lecturers
architecture and urban planning The Protection of Objects of Heritage of Modernism prof. dr hab. inż. arch.
Piotr Marciniak
automation, electronic
and electrical engineering
Artificial neural networks in the design of control systems dr hab. inż.
Stefan Brock, prof. PP
information and communication technology Recent Advances in Multimedia prof. dr hab. inż.
Marek Domański
civil engineering and transport Nanotechnology in transport engineering dr hab. inż.
Jarosław Kałużny, prof. PP
materials engineering Atomic force microscopy in materials research dr hab.
Arkadiusz Ptak, prof. PP
mechanical engineering Model order reduction dr hab. inż.
Witold Stankiewicz 
environmental engineering, mining and energy Energy vs exergy approach prof. dr hab. inż.
Tomasz Mróz
chemical sciences Trends in the development of chemical technology and separation techniques for sustainable development – case studies prof. dr hab. inż.
Krystyna Prochaska /
dr hab. inż. Magdalena
Regel-Rosocka, prof. PP
management and quality studies The Research Challenges of the Industry 4.0 dr hab. inż.
Jacek Żak, prof. PP